YouthSecret Friction Data

Below we include specifics on our friction testing and data. This includes methodology, specific data values, and third-party lab reports.

Substantiation report

You can read our full report on the anti-wrinkle effects of the YouthSecret Pillowcase, based on friction properties, at the following link: YouthSecret Substantiation Report

Third-Party Lab Friction Testing

YouthSecret’s patented dual-layer HoverSlip material (the material that makes up our pillowcase) was sent off to the third-party textile testing resource TexTest to measure its coefficient of friction. The results was an average kinetic coefficient of friction of 0.074 – an astounding 78% decrease in friction compared to luxury silk (0.32), and an 83% decrease in friction compared to cotton (0.40).

(Fun fact: We made our slogan “2X Silkier Than Silk” instead of “5X Silkier Than Silk” (for luxury silk) or “12x Silkier Than Silk” (for silk broadcloth) because we didn’t think people would believe we have 5x less friction!)

YouthSecret Coefficient of Friction:

Below you can see the full scientific report from TexTest.

Government Data on Friction of Textiles (silk, cotton)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s study* on the friction of textiles provides a benchmark for comparing the performance of different materials. According to their findings, the coefficients of friction for silk and cotton are significantly higher than those of YouthSecret’s patented HoverSlip material.

Coefficients of Friction (Kinetic)

Luxury Silk
Luxury Silk 32%
Cotton 40%
Silk Broadcloth
Silk Broadcloth 65%
YouthSecret's Patented Dual-Layer HoverSlip Material


Two different types of silk were measured in the study: silk broadcloth and radium silk. The silk referenced here is radium silk, a type of silk used in luxury clothing at the time of this study.

* The full report can be found here: NIST Friction Study

In-House Friction Testing

At United Home Brands, we are committed to providing products that are not only innovative but also backed by rigorous scientific research. Our in-house friction testing is a testament to this commitment, particularly when it comes to the YouthSecret Pillowcase. We conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate the frictional properties of our pillowcase and its ability to prevent the formation of sleep lines, which can lead to wrinkles over time.

The Water Bag Test

Our unique approach, known as the “water bag test,” was designed to simulate the effects of skin movement against the pillowcase during sleep. This test was an inverse experiment compared to previous studies, focusing on visualizing wrinkle formation with the YouthSecret pillowcase rather than a standard one.

In this trial, we used a sealed fluid bladder to represent the skin, which was placed over both the YouthSecret Pillowcase and a standard pillowcase as a control. The bladder had a contact surface area of 16 square inches, and a weight of 2.5 pounds was applied to mimic the pressure of a human head. The pressure was measured using a scale beneath the pillow, and linear motion was applied to the fluid bladder, simulating the tossing and turning of a sleeper.

We measured the number of wrinkles formed per cycle over a period of 60 seconds, comparing the results between the standard cotton pillowcase and the YouthSecret pillowcase. The data from our studies showed a significant reduction in wrinkle formation with the YouthSecret pillowcase, demonstrating its superior performance in preventing sleep lines.

YS wrinkle count 11-15-23
For a visual demonstration of our water bag wrinkle test and to see the YouthSecret Pillowcase in action, watch our video below.

(Fun fact: we originally named our pillowcase “YouthPerfect”!)

Ongoing Participant Study

Complementing our water bag test, we also conducted a participant study involving 40 sleep cycles. The preliminary data from this ongoing study aligns with our water bag test results, showing a notable decrease in sleep line formation when using the YouthSecret Pillowcase. This further substantiates our claim that the YouthSecret Pillowcase can effectively reduce the risk of wrinkle development.

YouthSecret Pillowcase: A Scientifically Proven Solution

The results of our in-house friction testing are clear: the YouthSecret Pillowcase significantly reduces the friction and shear stress that contribute to sleep line and wrinkle formation. By employing a patent-pending blend of materials, we have created a pillowcase that not only feels luxurious but also promotes skin health and beauty.