YouthSecret Pillowcase Breathability Data

Below we outline data on breathability of HoverSlip versus other materials. The patented dual-layer HoverSlip material came out on top and it is the most breathable fabric, allowing your face and hair to breathe at night more than any other pillowcase material. Breathability is also partially responsible for the long-lasting cool feel of the HoverSlip material.

Breathability Tests

A breathability study was conducted with three materials – luxury silk, cotton, and the dual-layer HoverSlip material used in the YouthSecret pillowcase.

The study consisted of measuring the water and oxygen flow through each materials when submerged underwater. We created an apparatus to allow water to drain into a tube, passing through a layer of each material. This created bubbles proportional to the material’s ability to allow the flow of water and oxygen.

This allowed us to test each fabric’s breathability by the amount of bubbles/water passing through the fabric.


The YouthSecret’s patented, dual-layered HoverSlip material had substantially more breathability than the cotton or silk pillowcase materials. The picture below is taken at steady-state, when the test had been running for a few seconds and the results had leveled out. The numbers in the image text (“5 times”,”20 times”) are rough estimations based on the volume of bubbles/water shown flowing through each material.