This pillowcase is perfect and really feels amazing on my skin. It fits onto my pillow with ease and has a button closure to help keep the pillowcase in place. The pillowcase has a different feel on each side. One side is silkier while the other side offers the traditional cotton feel. I personally love the silkier side right now due to it being summer and so hot. When I lay down at night it feels so good and really helps me relax to fall asleep.

I have been using the pillowcase for a week or so now and can say that it really is one of my favorite cases. It is extremely comfortable no matter what side you are sleeping on. I can’t say or not if the case is helping with my aging issues, but I am sure it would have to be something that you use on a daily basis for some time to be able to see a difference. I can say that my face does feel more relaxed and the pillowcase does feel great on my face. My hair really likes this pillowcase no more bed head going on.


This wonderful pillowcase and the accessories included have really made a difference in my sleep. I feel more rested and confident that those annoying creases are not forming on my face.


I love the pillowcase itself. It fits my pillow perfectly and has a button closure so it stays put all night. There are two sides – one has a silkier feel, the other a more classic cotton feel. I love the silky side as it feels amazing! I have been using it for about a week and can say that it is much more comfortable than my old pillowcase. I can’t tell after one week what the effects are on my skin, but I can tell you that I have a little less bed-head going on. My hair is a bit tamer which is always a bonus!


The pillows are silky soft, gentle on the skin, and machine washable. And here’s the greatest thing – the pillows are supposed to help prevent sleep lines! Um, hello awesomesauce pillowcases. You’re my new BFF.


These pillowcases are made with is a very soft material and unlike the other pillow cases I own, the fabric kind slides…opposed to other pillow cases. So I guess that the no friction statement makes complete sense after you try these pillowcases.

I like the super soft cool feeling I get from this pillowcase. I also like the fact that I can use it with my favorite pillow. The pillowcase also has buttons to keep your pillow in place.


The YouthSecret Pillow Case works as your skin touches the pillowcase, the pressures that normally would be created by a pillowcase are released. I have been using the pillowcase for just about a week now and I love it. I have noticed that I haven’t been getting the sleep lines like I normally do and the big change that I have noticed is that I sleep deeper. So even though I have been getting woken up by my baby several hours a night, I feel more rested because I am sleeping better during the times I am asleep. I am loving the fact that I feel like I am getting more sleep even when I’m not.

I would definitely recommend the YouthSecret Pillowcase. It is so soft and luxurious to sleep on. It not only helps to decrease sleep lines that lead to wrinkles, but I feel it also helps you sleep a lot better.


The YouthSecret pillowcases themselves were also nice. They have a soft, silk-like feel. The slick material really is good for skin, as it eliminates any skin drag during the night. It’s also good for your hair, as it eliminates some of the friction between your hair and the pillowcase as you sleep. It definitely helped my hair not be as frizzy in the morning.


As soon as I felt the pillowcase, I was ready to try it out. It is so soft and silky on one side, and a soft cotton side on the other. I will be using the soft and silky side, at least during these hot summer months. There’s nothing better than that cool silky feeling on a hot night!


To start off, the pillowcases are so soft. Have you ever found a fabric that was just so soft and comforting when you touched it? Well, this is made of a fabric that’s just so nice.

Do I recommend the YouthSecret Spa Pillow Case set? Yes, and I will be using mine! It should really help on the road sleeping in hotels.


The pillowcase itself fits my pillows great and has a button to keep it closed to help it stay in place all night. The pillowcase itself has two sides, a silkier side, and a classic cotton side. The silky side feels amazing and I love it! I really liked using the Spa Pillowcase and while it’s hard to tell just how much it’s helping in a short time, at least I feel like it’s making a difference and every little thing you do can help.


I was excited to give the YouthSecret pillowcase a try. The moment I opened it up from its packaging and felt it I couldn’t wait to rest my head on it.

The pillowcase has two sides. One side is very soft and snugly and the other side has a bit of a silk/satin feel to it. I have heard that sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases not only helps prevent creases in your face but it’s also better for your hair. The YouthSecret pillowcase has a silk/satin feel to it, but you can tell there is something a bit more different about it.

I love resting my head on my pillow with the YouthSecret case on it. I just want to bury my head in it. It feels so nice resting my head on it. It’s also a bit more cooling compared to my regular pillowcase.

I watch TV in bed before I go to sleep. That is probably the worst thing you could do in order to get a good night’s sleep. It’s how I unwind after a long day.

In order to see the TV, I use a small decorative pillow to prop up my head. It’s not the most comfortable thing but it does the trick.
I have found that since using the YouthSecret pillowcase I watch TV less at night. It’s not the pillowcase that causes me to watch TV, it’s ME wanting to rest my head on it that does. I know what is waiting for me (a super comfy pillow) once the TV is turned off. So I find that I watch less TV so I can spend more time with my head on the pillow.


The pillowcase is incredible. It’s silky on one side and smooth on the other and has frictionless and high-quality engineered material blend that protects the skin against forming creases that can lead to permanent wrinkling. There is also a little pocket inside the pillow where you can place diffusers with aromatherapy scents like Eucalyptus.

The pillowcases are great and I can honestly say that for the past couple of weeks since using the pillow cases I have seen no lines on my face.


The most advanced Pillow Case Ever! Not gonna lie, this pillow made me chuckle a little, but if it is a good product; why not give it a go? At first touch, the white pillowcase did feel amazing! I quickly grabbed one of my standard sized down pillows and placed the YouthSecret Pillow Case over it. I found the button closure to be very neat on this pillowcase. The slippery part was from an actual pad, but more of a thin layer.

My first night trying out the YouthSecret Pillow was interesting. It was similar to a game of slip and slide with my pillow. It took me a while to find a good spot, but once I found it, I slept great! I must really be rough on my pillow at night because I frequently have to fix my pillowcase every morning. Most of my night is spent tossing, turning, and getting up to use the bathroom so I am constantly rubbing my face around my pillowcase. The button enclosure on this pillowcase kept my pillow nice and neat! I sometimes do wake up with gosh-awful impressions on my face from sleeping wrong but have not had that experience with the YouthSecret Pillow. While I’m not sure it is keeping me younger looking, I can say that once you get used to it, it is a comfortable, refreshing pillow for the Summer!

B. Ashcroft

The pillowcase is soft, shiny, and slippery on one side with a flat, “Matte” texture on the back side, presumably to prevent the pillow from sliding on the bed. The pillow is very comfortable and I love finally having a “Special” pillowcase for my face now!

So, does your pillow really affect the way you age, and does YouthSecret make any difference? I have to say, I appreciated that this company provided detailed information relating to their product and concept on their website. I thought they did a good job of making a case for their pillow and referencing sources and concepts to back it up – most anti-aging products seem to be shrouded with hype with little attempt at fact-checking. I am not a doctor so I can’t make any guarantees about what this pillow will or will not do, nor have I done exhaustive fact-checking on what was referenced in their studies, but I’d encourage you to read the information and make up your own mind.

I’m a big fan of my new YouthSecret pillowcases.


Since Summer started, I seem to get less and less sleep. While school was in session, I could get up with my husband at 3 am, stay up until the boys caught the bus, then catch an hour or two nap to help me keep on top of my game throughout the day. Hubby always falls asleep in his chair when he gets home from work while waiting on me to get dinner made. I don’t have that luxury! When the boys are home there’s never a quiet moment, which means while they are out of school for the summer, I don’t get a nap! That means I have to go back to bed once Hubby leaves for work, and try to fall back to sleep until it’s time to get up, get dressed, and take my Daredevil to Summer School at 8 am. This wonderful pillowcase has made a huge difference in that! Before I put these pillowcases on my pillows, I had a hard time falling back to sleep.
The pillowcase is machine washable and designed by a medical doctor and a cosmetologist. It’s great for home and travel, and even helps to protect your hair!


The pillowcase is so soft and silk-like. The pillowcase also has a cool gel pillow pad that naturally absorbs heat away from your face. I LOVE it. I am a hot sleeper, so I am in love with this side of the pillow. My daughter likes the other side of the pillowcase. She calls it the “cozy side.” She loves her pillowcase too!

Lately, I wake up before my alarm goes off and I use to hit the snooze a few times. I am not sure if my skin looks more youthful, but I know I feel (and look) better with a good night’s sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, give the YouthSecret® Pillowcase a try!


I really like this Pillowcase. The silky softness of the pillowcase is wonderful. I definitely recommend it to everyone.


I do NOT get enough sleep. This helped me pay a little more attention to myself. I’ve also shared one with my hubby and this has helped refresh our sleeping life.


Well, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles being caused by your pillow anymore since the YouthSecret Pillowcase is here now. I was really excited to buy this product and was impressed by how it works! Another cool thing, it really helps me sleep through the night.


What I can tell you about the YouthSecret pillowcase is that these pillowcases are made with is a very soft material and unlike the other pillowcases I own, the fabric kind slides…opposed to other pillowcases. So I guess that the no friction statement makes complete sense after you try these pillowcases. The pillowcase also has buttons to keep your pillow in place.