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The Science Behind HoverSlip™: YouthSecret Pillowcase's Patented Dual-Layer Material

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What is the YouthSecret Pillowcase's Patented Material?

HoverSlip™ is a patented dual-layer material created by a doctor/engineer. It’s designed to be great for your hair and skin with its low friction, low wicking, and high breathability. In fact, it’s better than its competitors in every study measuring friction, wicking, and breathability (see results below).

The inventor of the HoverSlip technology is Dr. Stan Batiste, a UC Berkeley trained engineer and Yale-trained MD. Dr. Batiste runs a medical device development company that addresses important problems in renal (kidney) and vascular healthcare. Dr. Batiste originally invented the patented HoverSlip technology for his wife after determining that the market was lacking in pillowcases that were truly great for your hair and skin.

Below, we go into detail on the scientific data that shows how we know the patented dual-layer HoverSlip material is significantly better for your hair and skin than cotton or silk.

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Least Friction of Any Pillowcase

HoverSlip: 1/5th the friction of luxury silk

Friction from pillowcases causes facial wrinkles over time, and exacerbates hair frizz and hair breakage. Less friction means less facial wrinkles, hair frizz, and hair breakage. HoverSlip has 1/5th the friction of luxury silk according to third-party testing.

The YouthSecret Pillowcase’s patented HoverSlip material has a kinetic coefficient of friction of 0.074, while luxury silk has a coefficient of 0.32*. That means YouthSecret has 1/5th the amount of friction. If you’ve heard of the benefits of silk on your hair and skin, you’ll get even more with HoverSlip.

Scientific data and testing:

  • In-house testing for friction coefficients
  • Third-party lab testing for friction coefficients
  • Government data on coefficients for silk and cotton

For details on our testing, including testing methodology and data, visit our page on YouthSecret Friction Data by clicking on the button below.

*Silk’s coefficient can vary depending on blend – we’ve seen values up to 0.7 for coarser variants like silk broadcloth. Luxury silk measured by the NIST had a coefficient of friction of approximately 0.32.

Least Wicking of Any Pillowcase

HoverSlip: Keep your hair's moisture

Less wicking is better; your hair will retain moisture and natural oils, reducing hair breakage and frizz. The YouthSecret Pillowcase’s patented, dual-layer HoverSlip material has over an order of magnitude less wicking than silk, and several orders of magnitude less wicking than cotton.

Scientific data and testing:

  • In-house comparative testing on wicking properties of cotton, silk, and the patented dual-layer HoverSlip fabric

Specific details on our testing, including methodology, videos, and data, are available on this page: YouthSecret Wicking Data

Best Breathability of Any Pillowcase

HoverSlip: 5x more breathable than cotton, 20x more than silk

The YouthSecret Pillowcase beats every competitor in breathability. From our testing results, the patented dual-layer HoverSlip material is ~5x as breathable as cotton and ~20x as breathable as luxury pillowcase silk.

For more information on our breathability testing and data, click the button below to visit the page YouthSecret Breathability Data